Oil paintings

The artworks of students of Siavash Mahvis

Painting with oils is a symphony of color and light that captivates the viewer's eye. It is one of the most popular and beloved painting techniques in the world, and it is especially captivating when executed in a realistic or hyperrealistic style.
At the Icarus Painting School, we are committed to finding and promoting realistic and hyperrealistic painting in Iran. This goal requires the hard work of our teaching staff to find the necessary technical details and keep the collected information up-to-date, and of course, to consider the capacity and efficiency of the Iranian art supplies market.
Many of the tools and materials necessary for creating high-quality paintings are not easily accessible to us. This is due to the financial weakness and lack of information of the suppliers of oil painting supplies, from the appropriate canvas to the paintbrush and other equipment and supplies.
Our teachers, especially by taking into account all the aforementioned facilities and conditions and referring to their valuable personal studies and experiences, have come to a final conclusion and analysis and formed their teaching method. Therefore, taking all the recommendations of the teachers seriously at all stages of education can be a guide to the progress and improvement of the students' paintings.

Oil Paintings by a Group of Icarus Studio Students

Here we look at the oil paintings of a group of students from the Icarus Studio:

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Face, oil painting
Oil painting on canvas, Morteza Taheri
Oil painting from a photo
The left side is an oil painting on canvas and the right side is the original photo, Lida Samak
Oil painting on canvas
Oil painting of animal, fox, Saba Aziz zadeh
Face oil painting
Face oil painting on canvas, Nazanin Farrokhi Maleki
Oil on canvas, mother's face
Oil painting on canvas, Fateme Khosh Nami
Face oil painting on canvas
Face oil painting, Fateme Khosh Nami
Oil painting
Oil painting, Tahereh Majidi
Face oil painting
Face oil painting, Azam Zarrin Fard
Portrait painting
Portrait painting, Minushka Mustafaei
Painting of the old man's face
Painting of the old man's face, Fateme Khosh Nami
Still life oil painting
Still life painting, Parisa Bagher
Portrait painting
Face oil painting, Razieh Parsayian
Portrait painting with pastels
Portrait painting with pastels, Nooshin Nobari
Portrait painting, oil on canvas
Oil on canvas, Portrait painting, Bahar Abdullahzadeh
Oil painting
Oil painting on canvas, Somayeh Abdullahpour
Pastel painting
Pastel painting, Rehane Rastgar
Oil painting
Portrait painting، Oil painting on canvas, Bahar Abdullahzadeh
Pastel painting, Wali Allah Amiri
Copy of Rembrandt painting, Sepideh Hosseini
Portrait oil painting
Portrait oil painting, Mona Taghi Boroujerdi
Copy from a painting by Jacob Collins
Copy from a painting by Jacob Collins, Somayeh Abdullahpour
Copy from Bouguereau's painting
Copy from Bouguereau's painting, Ebrahim Yahyazadeh
Oil painting on canvas, Somayeh Abdullahpour
Portrait painting، charcoal and pastel on paper, Minushka Mustafaei
Pastel painting, Somayyeh Abdullahpour
Oil painting on canvas, Noshin Toloi
Oil painting on canvas, Ismat Askari
Portrait painting with pastel
Face drawing with pastel, Gholamreza Masgari
Pastel drawing of an animal on suede
Pastel painting on suede, Parwaneh Akbari Nik
Pastel painting, Mehdi Parvan
Oil painting on canvas, Azadeh Hashemi
Oil painting on canvas, Naima Abdulbaqaei
Face oil painting, Sahar Ghorbani
Landscape oil paint
Landscape oil paint, Sahar Ghorbani
Landscape oil painting on canvas
Landscape oil painting, Bahar Abdullahzadeh
Pond and hut painting
Pond and hut painting, Bahar Abdullahzadeh
Fantasy landscape painting, Zahra Nasiri
Oil painting on canvas
Sea oil painting on canvas, Tahereh Majidi
Still life painting
Still life painting, Sepideh Asadi Kia
Oil still life painting
Oil still life painting on canvas, Bahar Abdullahzadeh
Oil painting on canvas, Farank Nalechgar
Oil painting on canvas, Shideokht Dejam shahabi
Still life, Razie Parsayian
still life, Oil painting
Oil painting، still life, Tahereh Majidi
Oil painting on canvas, Noshin Toloi
Still life painting with pastels, Neda Azad Khankandi
Oil painting, still life
Oil painting still life, Aida Eghdamipour
Pastel, Anna Mohammadi
Monochrome painting on canvas, Azadeh Hashemi
Still life oil painting on canvas
Still life oil painting on canvas, Farnaz Azad Khankandi
Oil painting, Razieh Parsayian
Oil painting, with two colors: black and white, Azadeh Agha Shahi

Video of students doing oil paintings on canvas

Video of oil paintings

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Short films of ongoing works created by students of Siavash Mahvis at Icarus Painting School

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Oil painting by students


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