Painting training in Icarus painting class

Painting and drawing are two of the most popular art forms in the world. They are both expressions of creativity and expressiveness, and they can be used to create everything from realistic portraits to abstract works.

If you are interested in learning to paint or pencil drawings or charcoal drawings, there are many opportunities to get lessons. Colored pencil drawing is also one of the attractive and accessible subjects in the educational institutions' courses.
You can take courses at schools, art institutes or with private tutors. You can also learn on your own by reading books and watching videos.
These schools are usually run by experienced and skilled artists who can help students improve their skills in these areas.

Painting and drawing lessons

Painting and drawing lessons - Oil painting on canvas

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Film of students in school classes and drawing with charcoal

Portrait drawing video with charcoal

Recent works in Icarus

Short films of ongoing works created by students of Siavash Mahvis at Icarus Painting School

Hyper realistic drawing by Mahvis

Pencil drawing by students

Pencil drawing by students

Color pencil painting by students


Below are students' galleries:

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